Paintings for self-discovery

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Paintings for self-discovery

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Q: Here we are talking about images to discover yourself. How can they help?

The painting “Depression” shows how introspective paintings can connect with the viewer and sometimes even inspire a poem.



In a cage

Of thought words

Spoken words

Realized words

Good deeds for neighbors





In a cage…..

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Paintings for self-discovery. — "Depression" — Acrylic painting by Aurora Mazzoldi.
Free interpretation of the painting “Depression” by Aurora Mazzoldi
(Poem by Anabella Freimann, translated from German)

Introspective paintings are a world of their own. They show reality through the filter of their creator.

A painting can encourage reflection and allow you to enter the world it depicts; or it can simply be a beautiful piece of furniture, an object that you like to have in your home; why? Because it goes well with the coach…

Introspective art paintings have something different. Of course, they should be beautiful paintings first, and then they should have something more. What is that? They should be paintings to discover yourself, to recognize some aspect of yourself every time you look at them. How is that possible? We all have something in common; if a work of art represents what is in us, everyone should notice it.

Intuitive art paintings are good for decoration, but I made them for inner research.

If you hang introspective art paintings in your home, each of these paintings can become a member of your family!

"Jessica" — Acrylic painting by Aurora Mazzoldi.
“Jessica” Pittura acrilica di Aurora Mazzoldi

Sandra put a painting of a doll in her granddaughter’s room and, after a few days, she called me and said: “Just think, the little girl has agreed to sleep alone because now she has a little friend in her room.” A friend of mine, who does not have children, has another of my paintings of dolls hanging in his studio….

Paintings of introspective art are not just objects for decoration — they do not hang on the wall like inanimate and silent objects, closed in a world of immobility — they are open paintings that interact with you.

Their characters speak the telepathic language of symbols, and in time you will be able, in time, to make contact with them and… with yourself; it is a contact with a part of your being that — represented before your eyes — you can now observe and listen to. In this way, you can begin an inner exploration.

You can now choose a painting for its aesthetics, or the one that most invites you most to speak.

*******Aurora Mazzoldi