Introspective groups

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Introspective groups

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Introspective groups bring people together and create a safe environment for experimentation.

Participants build relationships with each other to connect with their own inner world. They work with others to work on themselves.

I start with Yalom’s concept of MICROCOSM, but I turn to the inner microcosm, made up of parts (or sub-personalities) to make up our personality.

It is difficult to delve into its complexity, because of the rigid control of rationality, which creates resistance and blocks any intrusion attempts.

One of the introspective groups in Rome
An introspective group in Rome, led by Aurora Mazzoldi and Antonella Giannini

Work with introspective art

In order to recognize and disarm resistances, we turn to introspective art.

Through the active observation of a painting, it becomes possible to reach inner silence.

This allows you to recognize the interference of rationality, and to observe it until it slows down and weakens.

You can then reach a deeper level and get in touch with emotions that you rarely notice. These emotions often frighten us, or we find them unacceptable. So, we deny them and inhibit them in our daily lives.

Through introspective groups, you can reawaken dormant emotions and learn the healthy way to welcome and manage them.

It is important to gain this skill because our most common illnesses are related to repressed or denied emotions.

We could compare group work to a gym where you train to get results.

Antonella Giannini