Introspective questions

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Introspective questions to understand how to welcome yourself

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How to cope with introspective questions? We have designed this site to give you focused answers.Question mark (for introspective research)

What we write helps to know yourself and cope with general problems. The answers to these issues are possible ways to welcome yourself. We know we are dealing with a difficult subject. We also know the reader will sometimes find it difficult to understand some concepts expressed on this site. In fact, these concepts often clash with mental schemes and with the resistance to observe how we behave in our interiority. It is also difficult to accept parts of us we judge as dirty and bad.

It is important, though, to accept them and to be yourself, to express your difficulties and tell someone your concerns.

Our writings aim to facilitate the expression — within and only within yourself — of the parts you don’t accept.

We will improve our pages if they are difficult to understand. To facilitate it, we need your participation. You could share your difficulties, and your opinion about the topics covered. This section of the site, dedicated to introspective questions, is a means you have to meet us.

Down at the bottom of this page, you will find a form. You can fill in suggestions/comments on Introspective Art, Psychology, Self-improvement, or Economics. You can also send us writings about your introspective experiences that might interest our readers. If we deem it appropriate for our site, we will publish them.

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