Introspective Art Paintings

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Introspective Art Paintings

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Q: What are introspective art paintings? Can they explain what’s going on inside me?

We all know the word “art”; the word “introspective” comes from Latin: “intro” = inside and “specere” = to look.

Introspective art means to focus attention on the inside, on our subconscious. So that we can bring it to light, reveal it, depict it in a painting.

The common desire to appear different from what we are makes us put on and show a mask (masking). This is how we try to make others believe — and ourselves believe — that we are better than our instincts. We deny that we all act the same. As a result, we then adjust our behavior to mask our true nature. Often, we don’t even realize we’re playing hide-and-seek because everyone is pretending to be different.

Patchwork of introspective art paintings by Aurora Mazzoldi
Patchwork of introspective art paintings by Aurora Mazzoldi

Life offers a series of possibilities. Every choice we make leads in a certain direction and, inside, we know which program we are following.

We play with others. An invisible web connects us all.

Telepathic messages run through it in all directions.

Our game partner has chosen — as we have — to live the same experience.

Paintings that show power games

Introspective art takes us into a theater and presents a “game” on its stage.

There, the characters in the paintings are the actors, and the stage refers to the performing comedy or drama being performed.

Our lives depend on how we use our forces because we are the sole authors of our texts. We often forget this and then accuse co-actors of sabotaging our work.

In reality, we are participating in the ever-increasing entanglement of the threads that hold us in relationships of envy, possession, violence, and pettiness.

The game gets out of hand, and we waste our lives in unnecessary skirmishes. We create an illusory world that brings us fear, insecurity, and anxiety.

A theater stage with actors
Source: Leonardo AI

Inner research, which is the basis of introspective art, puts us in front of these situations. It shows us the unreality, the shaky superficiality in which we live. It shows us the stubbornness of the habits that keep us in the ghetto.

Aurora Mazzoldi