Introspective Path

An introspective path to rediscover yourself

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When you start an introspective path to rediscover yourself, you need reference points.

"Mother 6 - Loneliness" acrylic painting by Aurora Mazzoldi. An introspective path.
“Mother 6 — Loneliness” acrylic painting by Aurora Mazzoldi

On this page, you will find the experiences of introspective researchers who have lived them firsthand.

Here are examples of researchers who lived periods of inner chaos and suffering.

An introspective path for a deep inner work (Marcella)

I am practicing Introspection for five years. I started after having gone through a “difficult” moment, one of those moments in which you have to choose between two alternatives:

  • To complain and curse fate
  • To engage in deep inner work to understand what is wrong. Of course, before choosing the second option, I stumbled into the first one, and this allowed me apparent pleasure and ephemeral relief. After having satisfied my need to complain, I could get out of it; I started an introspective path, and a world opened up; I’m still getting to know it today.

    An inner search, sometimes painful, but exciting (Gabriella).

    To make introspective research is fascinating.

    Through my inner work, I get positive energy, and I learn to know my inner mechanisms better and better.

    Introspective is a fresh experience for me; a useful work tool, a search sometimes painful but interesting and deep.

    You learn a lot by getting inside yourself!

    I want to know fears, blocks, and resistances (Raffaele).

    My start was a bit like Marcella’s. I am more interested as she in knowing fears, blocks, and resistances.

    “Thanks” to a disabling anxiety disorder, I felt urged to finding a way out of that mechanism, and facing reality.

    At first, I hoped I could find a “magic pill” to heal the malaise that sometimes overwhelms me, making me anxious. I tried many magic pills (courses of various kinds, books, natural and homeopathic remedies, yoga, meditation…) I tried many… but I couldn’t get out.

    Now, after some time, I have learned to listen to what moves within me, and I get along even with anxiety. Until two years ago, I never dreamed of getting it. Today I know I have coped with this problem because I experienced it alerts me to pay attention to something that I need to see INSIDE ME.

    I started, and things got lighter and lighter.

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