Inner work and self-discovery

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Inner Work and Self-Discovery

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There is a difference between inner work and self-discovery.

The word “inner work” can evoke a sense of weariness. Few of us are relieved by the idea of having to work. It is much more interesting to discover something, as the doubts of the reader below show. He would find out what is moving in him but, when he works on himself, doubts arise. But let’s think for a moment: isn’t the discovery of our inner world already an inner work? Why shouldn’t we like it?

inner work and self-discovery. "The 8th Note"; acrylic on canvas by Aurora Mazzoldi.
“The 8th Note”; acrylic on canvas by Aurora Mazzoldi.

Does inner work help? (Giandomenico)

I read your page “Discovering Ourselves” and found it convincing. The inner search can be beautiful. So, I have started an inner work but, how will it help me then? Is it more helpful than many other things I could do?

If you like it, it is helpful (Luis)

From my point of view, doing something you like is helpful but it might not be enough; you could do many other things you like. Why should I choose this kind of work out of all these possibilities?

Now we should consider that people can be different from each other and have different goals in life. If your goal is to feel better inside, then inner research may be for you; you can then evaluate which type of research is better for you and many other things.

However, I will avoid convincing you in any direction.

These are very personal decisions, which should not be subject to outside influence.

You can also consider the answers of other researchers.

Someone has already written about this. Read the page on the introspective path.

If any other reader would like to write something and enrich our conversation with feedback from their experience, I will happy to post it on this page.