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Need to control everything

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Need to control everything

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How can I make myself aware of my need to control everything?”

Why do I need to control emotions and thoughts? (Fabio)

Since about one year, I feel not well. I feel a slight but constant anxiety in everyday life.

For about a year, I felt not so good. It created a slight but constant anxiety… I tried to get rid of this annoying feeling. I tried to understand what was going on inside

Aurora Mazzoldi - Mother 5- Control - acrylic painting on canvas - page on Need to control everything.
Aurora Mazzoldi – Mother 5- Control – acrylic painting on canvas

me. I met so “accidentally” Introspection. After a certain period of work, I detected some internal habits that are affecting my life.

I saw that the basis of my anxiety was the need for control. And it was just when I felt a lack of control over some situation … that I felt anxiety. I was wondering what I wanted to control. At the beginning, not only did I not understand it (or maybe it was my head that didn’t want to understand?), but I didn’t even believe it was important to know it.

It was impossible to continue to ignore what was moving inside and, at some point, I saw clearly a habit of wanting to control more and more emotions and thoughts (need for control).

The Introspective Work

The first steps of the introspective work were more on an existential level – I revisited my teenage dramas and my repressed anger. Then I also saw how I feel compelled to show myself to others in a certain way. I observed how I try to be like others expected me to be (I wear a mask), and I felt that this too made me anxious.

Now that I have embarked on the introspective path, my aim is to accept myself and reality more and more, in the best possible way. Of course, I still have a lot to learn.

For a few months now, my need to control has eased slightly. This makes me understand with no doubt that the path I have taken is the right one.